The Inn at Tabbs Creek Waterfront Virginia B&B
384 Turpin Lane, PO Box 165
Port Haywood, VA, 23138, USA
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Meet our Furry Friends

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We are total animal lovers here at The Inn at Tabbs Creek, and have a few pets of our own that you may meet. Although we can not currently allow for guests to bring their pets, (we are working on creating such an option in the future for select rooms), we do have a few "Mascots" that we want you to be aware of. First of all, we must say that we don't allow our pets to be in guests rooms or common areas in the Inn, and our dogs don't roam free, so if you are NOT a dog or cat person, or have allergies to the furry friends, no worries! BUT, if you are a Dog or Cat lover, we are happy for you to meet our canine and feline friends. 

Our Little Rock Star

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Meet Bingo! The latest addition to our Tabbs Creek Family, this Christmas presant from Greg's parents has been an absolute joy. We lost our other Great Dane Zoe in late August of 2013, and were not sure if we were quite ready for another dog, but then this little big guy came along, and now we are absolutely in love. He is evolving into a well behaved and trained dog, (despite our best efforts), and loves to meet guests and go on walks. Just let us know if you want to meet him or walk him as we will be happy to oblige...anything to get his puppy energy out!

Our Felines

One of the first of our family that you might meet upon arrival, (or soon thereafter), is a buff colored Tabby cat named "Chai". Chai came to us as a rescue from some family friends that could no longer keep him as they were always traveling between France and Mathews County. We were actually reluctant at first as we were not particulary "Cat People", but from the first day he arrived, he was right at home and won our hearts with all of his fearlessness and crazy antics. He is very friendly and loves to meet guests, but he is fine if you simply igmore him. Don't let him fool you...he always has access to our living space, so you don't have to let him inside or feed him :) Chai is definately a character, so keep your camera ready to record his amazing feats such as paddleboarding and walking out on our frozen creek.

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Our second kitty came to us...well, we don't know exactly how...she just showed up small and hungry. We tried to first ignore her thinking she might go away. We then asked all around our small neighborhood and community to see if she belonged to anyone, but to no avail. Finally, when she simply would not go away, we caved in and started feeding her and named her "Pekoe". It took us awhile to gain her trust, but now she is the sweetest cat that absolutely loves attention and to be petted. Most guests will never see her, however, as she is still quite skittish around those she does not know. BUT, if you are patient and willing, get low to the ground and encourage her, and she will reward you with lots of love and kisses!